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Our firm was founded in 1977.  At the beginning, we only restored church organs. Through this activity, we learned about ancient production methods.


Today we mainly build new organs with 3 - 40 registers. Besides, we also produce regals with the appropriate wind systems.


CompanyWe only produce the instruments after the orders and requirements of our customers.


Our firm is specialised in the construction of church organs, home organs, chest-positives, regals and various small instruments from the renaissance period. All parts - except the metal pipes (which are produced according to our specifications)  - are produced and assembled by our firm. Our instruments are produced exclusively in solid wood, using traditional joining methods.


We try to use as few screws as possible. The surface of the woods is planed  or/and  varnished and  impregnated and waxed. Mechanically, our organs are built in pure wood - construction.